Links for the happy wonderer

I have been wanting to share with you some of the things I have been using for my travel, because I believe anyone could need them at some point! I shall update it if I come across more useful things during my traveling!

Storage: Boxman (London, UK)

An interesting self-storage idea: They send you as many 70L box as you require, you fill them up and they come and pick it up. It costs you £5/box, or £4 if you stay for 6 months+, and you can leave them as long as you want.

You can choose a time and a 2 hours window for them to come, the driver was lovely, and they also do movings from what I understood.

Changing money: CurrencyFair

So far the best changing rates for Euro and Pounds that I could find. The reason why their rates are so interesting is that they connect you with people wanting to do the exact opposite of the currency change you want to do. Of course, you don’t have to do anything other than set up said exchange.

What I really like is that if you are not in a rush you can just give them the rate you want and when it is available the exchange will be done automatically. Your first transfer out is free, then it is a flat rate of £2.50/transfer, making them the most affordable option. They even have a page comparing themselves with the other companies out there.

Also, if you use my link we both get 30 euros + a free transfer, which is of course nice!

Travelling money: WeSwap

WeSwap uses the same system as CurrencyFair, making their rates very competitive, and grants you a 100% free to use Mastercard, be it in shops or in ATMS (unless the ATMS themselves charge you, that is). They take a commission when you swap money, between 1,4% (if you need it immediately) and 1% (if you need it after 7 days).

They currently support 19 currencies (including Euro, GBP, USD and JPY), their customer service has been efficient so far and their service impeccable.

And you can charge in GBP, but also in Euros if you contact their customer service.

Lastly, if you use my link, we both get 5 euros 😉