Mexico City – Teotihuacan

On my second day in Mexico City, I went to Teotihuacan – the closest pyramids to the city.

This name means ‘the place where the gods were born’. It was easy to imagine it to be the case because of the mix of reverence and amazement I felt wandering around the place.

The complex is composed of 2 pyramids – The Pyramid of the Sun and The Pyramid of the Moon, but also of The temple of Quezacoalt (the first thing I saw), and of the very long Avenue of the Dead. Endless is the actual word. I have a theory that they called it this way because once you finished walking through it, you are actually dead.


Part of the Avenue of the Dead seen from the Pyramid of the Sun.


I got obsessed with the third pyramid, or Temple of Quezacoalt because of its details and colours, before realising that the two pyramids were not only immense but also rather far. Luckily, I had some water with me. Also, I had bought a hat first thing (unlike some French tourists who tried to hide under the shade of a couple of trees while filming their complaints about the heat. Why do French people always feel the need to say stupid things when they believe no one can understand them is truly beyond me, but that is another story).


Detail from the Temple of Quetzalcoatl


The pyramid of the sun is 71 meters, the 3rd biggest in the world, and to think it was constructed in the second century AD is quite dizzying. Or maybe it was the sun.

Anyway, I resisted the impulse of buying a sombrero, I walked a lot, got lost, jumped every three minutes because of the sound of the fake jaguar roars made by a toy sold by people, resisted the impulse of buying one, panicked because I could not join the taxi guy (and spent a huge amount of time and money before I actually managed), walked some more, got more lost, found the right exit.


Pyramid of the Sun


I also had some delicious food in an amazing place called La Gruta served by the worst waiters I have had in a long time. But because the food was good and the decor amazing – in a cavern, hence the name, with mariachi singing – I would not complain too much.

This is the place where my travels truly started. I feel like this might have been one of the most precious moments of my life. I was truly at peace there.


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