Mexico – Chapultepec


Let’s rewind to my first stop on my way to Japan – Mexico City!

I only went to see a cousin I had not seen in some fifteen years, hoping for some sun like the pale, sun-starved Londoner I have become and discovered in 4 little days an amazing place, full of culture and life. I definitely hope to go back!

It is no surprise to me that the Mexico posts have been taking forever to publish- I took a stupid amount of pictures when I was there so I will put a couple here, and the complementary album(s) will go on FB.

So, as I was fresh after my landing at 5 am and an hour nap – and thankfully neither jetlagged or tired, my cousin took me for a walk in Chapultepec castle, situated in an immense park.

Map of the park

As well as the castle, there is a zoo (that my cousin told me was free thanks to a rich resident of the city), and several museums (including the Anthropology one, which I sadly did not have the time to see).

The castle itself is located on top of the hill and offers an amazing view of the city. The hill was a sacred place to the Aztecs, and the castle served as many things over the years: military academy, Imperial residence, Presidential home, and observatory. It is now the National Museum of History.

While it is a stupendous building filled with various beautiful objects, the murals were definitely the most impressive thing for me. Also, the view of the city from the balcony was absolutely incredible.


Armed revolutionaries mural – National History Museum


The outside area is of course really pretty, with fountains, there are benches on which you can relax with a book taken from the stand. How cool is that?


Finally, a couple of fun facts: Chapultepec castle was a filming location of the 1996 film William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, as the Capulet Castle. It is also allegedly haunted.


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