This website, and this trip in general, is the result of some careful planning, but also of my general impetuosity.

I had dreamed of travelling across Japan since I started studying this country, its culture and language some 12 years ago, but things did not turned out the way I had planned, and  I declared myself beaten. I, if not gave up, at least pushed it back to a later part of my life, and I thought I had gotten over it.

Of course, I was very far from that.

I had however become something of an expert at pushed over my plans, at finding multiple reasons or excuses no to go. A move. A job. Family reasons. Maybe I was scared. Maybe I had excellent reasons and excuses. Maybe I was simply not ready yet. And the clock was ticking.

Indeed, to stay in Japan over 3 months and really experience this country, I had to get a visa, and my eyes had been on the working holiday since university. But at the ripe age of 29, I only had a year and a half to obtain it.

The thing that took the longest to let go of, strangely enough, was my job as a video game tester, something I greatly enjoyed. The problem was, I started to feel trapped, that I was not living up to my full potential, and I knew something had to change. I guess it is always the same. If we don’t feel like we can progress and learn, then we get bored… and all hell breaks lose. It is definitely a part of my humanity I am struggling with. But I am growing to accept it, since it is a part I can do something about.

So there it was.  Now, or never. I couldn’t be happy with never. So I did the reasonable thing – the one that made me happy. I quit my job, planned things, packed my bag, and off I went, to wonder at the world.


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